by summer months

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We released our first cassette in December 2016.
Recorded by Yoshiki Okamoto and George(WHAT-A-NIGHTS) at Live House CROWBAR in July 2016.
Mastered by Yoshiki Okamoto at K.Patio Apartments #401.
Akira Takebayashi took this photo at Yellowknife,NT.
All songs written by summer months.


released November 10, 2016



all rights reserved


TRACE OF THE YOUTH Tokushima, Japan

Tokushima(Japan) indie label

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Track Name: never place
I became a laughing stock
Also no hope
There was no helping hand
On a Sunday,
I’m gonna make a change
For once in my life
Finally dream come true

Make a better world

Today I will kill my way
Take me never place
I wish go away
Track Name: teen town
Well, one morning, I got up early
Maybe it was due to recent cold
I had usual bread then washed my tee shirt
I saw the boy from the window

It was just a usual day
Boring days
I didn't feel like doing anything

The morning grow from here rose sign of winter
I covered my ears and went out of doors
I ride a bycycle
And I aimed to that hill top

I wonder if a revolution won't happen
I wished to annihilate the boring days(tedious intervening days)

Faces of passersby all looked the same to me
Does my face look the same as other ones?
The signs of winter are more and more felt
It was the only consolation for me
Track Name: light of the stagnation
We can't say that we want to say
It is a crazy guy to always say insolent things
This world is out of order

Too many people's eyes are dead
We deplore the intellectual depravity

Remember the light that stagnated
Open your weakened eyes
Throw away worthless expectation
The world do nothing to us

Hey, take me out from this tragic place
from place full of a smell of the blood
Track Name: is dead
Blowing window
Nothing in there
Spring lurking in the winter sky
A man newfangled
Pitiful eyes
Ply his awful farce

I feel pity for a man with scum
Because of mans, I feel so bad
I shout out hopelessly sadness
In vain
(Gone with the wind and no response in there)

It is a bright moonlight night
The dry sky echo with an unmanned train ('s footsteps)
The night wear on

It is a bright moonlight night
The dry sky echo with an unmanned train ('s footsteps)
The thought drag on

Punk is dead
Insincere word "unite"
I am stuck dumb
I continue being a punk
Track Name: March 15
It becomes warm for a wind
And for the first time, I know the grief
The usual members seems
lonely somewhere

He tried to make everyone
laugh at a trivial joke
(I was always laughing at such a joke)
I felt the beer and cigarette
may be different
(I don't forget the taste of the beer which I drank together today)
(I'll be everyone some other time and do a stupid thing)

We didn't find this time limited
The thing unrelated in now
Words I'd like to say are spinning in my head
We're best anytime and there isn't an enemy
I'll meet the best stupid friends on a day in sometime